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Corporate Advisory

Orange County Business Law

The easiest lawsuit to defend is the one that never gets filed.

We know litigation.  We regularly, aggressively, and successfully prosecute and defend commercial claims on behalf of our clients.  We also know that sometimes the most cost-effective litigation is the one we can avoid.  We partner with our clients to develop strategies to efficiently resolve business disputes and limit litigation exposure wherever possible.  

Proactive Not Reactive: Strategic Counseling To Limit Exposure

Growing businesses routinely face new legal challenges: new markets, new industries, and new hires.  Our goal is to allow clients to thrive by developing comprehensive strategies to manage and mitigate risk while capitalizing on strategic opportunities.  For example, we regularly work with clients to ensure compliance with California's labor requirements, minimize exposure from complex and evolving privacy and cybersecurity laws, understand domestic and international regulations relating to shipping and transportation, and implement industry best practices for broker dealers and registered investment advisors.  

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